Association affiliée au LOOF

AEDREX rules and regulations



These rules and regulations are established by the AEDREX, in accordance with the article 20 of the associations' statutes. It is intended to fix various issues, including those related to the internal administration of the AEDREX, based in Tourves (France), and whose purpose is to develop, improve and promote the Devon Rex breed.
These regulations apply to all members of the Association. It may be amended by decision of the founder members. It is handed in to all members and to each new member an thus attached to the status of the Association. These regulations are online at and


Article 1: Membership

In order to be a member of the Association, applicant must send an application form (for both sympathizers and breeders) and the charter of quality (only for breeders), to the treasurer. These documents must be dated and signed, stating the commitment to respect the statute, rules and regulations. Subsciber would cover the amount of the annual fee set by the office bearers during the general meeting (6/17/12) : 30 euros for breeder member and 15 euros for sympathizer member. Honorary members pay no fee. Supporting members would pay an annual fee fixed by mutual agreement with the founding members. Membership would be refused if the applicant is not concerned by the object of the Association.
Non compliance to these conditions results in loss of the membership. Membership categories whose definition is given in the statutes are listed in the article 6.
The conditions for membership (application for General Meeting, decisions of the board, payment of annual fees) are defined in the article 7 of the statutes. Refusal conditions of the membership are listed in the article 8 of the statutes.


Article 2: General Meeting (GM)

The invitation of the GM must be sent to all the members at least fifteen days before the meeting by e-mail. It will include the agenda set by the president and all the questions submit by the members at least thirty days before the meeting. GM discuss then gives its opinion on the issues. Proxy voting is allowed if the proxy is presented at the opening of the GM. The amount of proxies held by a member is at most one, all other details in the article 16 of the statutes.


Article 3: board of administration (BA)

The board meets at least once a year. It elects members of the board whenever the interests of the AEDREX requiere. Candidacies must be send to the President whose role is to draw up a list before the GM. BA decisions are taken by majority vote. In case of tie, the president has the casting vote. The role of each member is specified in article 15 of the statutes.


Article 4: Accounting

Good bookkeeping is guaranteed by the treasurer who shall make payment only on presentation of an accounting voucher, with the agreement of the president or the vice-president. The sincerity and the compliance of the accounts are secured by two members of the board nominated by the GM. The treasurer submits a comprehensive annual report during the GM.
The account functioning and the responsabilities of the treasurer are set out in article 15, 17 and 18 of the statutes.


Article 5: disciplinary actions

Any members of the AEDREX may be sanctioned if:
- Failure to comply with the statutes, the charter of quality, the rules and regulations,
- Failure of payment of the annual fee,
- Non-compliance with the ethics, hygiene and physical integrity of the Devon Rex (article 8 of the statutes).
One of the board members (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary) should ask for a sanction procedure, according to the article 13 of the statues.
Then the president decides on an extraordinary meeting of the board which votes possible sanctions : warning, suspension or expulsion.
The decision will be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the offender within the week following the board meeting. In case of a denial of membership, the treasurer will pay the applicant back. In this case, no explanation is legally required.


Article 6: amendments to the rules and regulations

A request to change the rules and regulations may be made by any board member during the GM. This request should be addressed to the president at least fifteen days before the meeting. The BA has four months to approve or reject this amendment. Validation of the new rules will be effective after a majority voting of the founding members of the AEDREX.

Done at Tourves, head office, the 6/17/12

President: Catherine Curtil

Treasurer: Coline Borel

Secretary: Corinne Pinecki