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All our breeders give a familial life to their cats, and they endorse our charter of quality.

Charter of quality
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kitten kit for the attention of the member breeders

You will find here the following documents at "kittens' list - Kitten kit, print and give to the future owners of your kittens:

  • How to prepare the arrival of a new kitten;
  • Free AEDREX adherence form for each new owner of a cat from your cattery (we offer the first sympathizer joining)

In advance, thank you all!


Alphabetical order :


Du Caramy cattery:

Catherine CURTIL

Phone: +33 (0)4 94 78 85 02
Cell: +33 (0)6 09 41 16 09

N° Siret : 44871686000011

N° certif Capacité ! 83/180

Breeder since 2003 in the south East of France, my "hot water bottles with curly kisses"  live with us and giving them our love and quality of life is essential to their happiness. my breeding cats are CMH, CMS, LH and FELV and FIV tested. I practice early spay/neuter for my pet kittens and my kittens for breeding have a breeder's trust contract.

Céleste cattery:

Alexandra SOUCHE


N° Siret 81959078700019

Cell: +33 (0)6 16 95 95 72


Des Cheveux d'Anges Cattery

Ms Elisabeth JACQUES



Siret 42961910900011

n° capacité : 08-030

portable +33(0)789675164


ph : +33(0)789675164


Cattery De Cléana
Clémence Van Gysel
33450 St Sulpice & Cameyrac
Siret 89864270700019
Acaced 2021/e555-2810
phone +33(0)622374970 -  
email : clemencevangysel
Passionate about the Devon Rex since my childhood, it is now 11 years since I welcomed my first Devon and I couldn't stop there, since the beginning of 2021 I decided to start the adventure of a family breeding. I have 2 males and 2 females at home. Our cats live in the family and participate in our daily life. The Devon Rex is a cat out of the ordinary, with a rare intelligence and who needs his human to be happy. Enjoy your visit and see you soon! Clémence

Les Devon Rex d'Alex Cattery :

Alexandra OLIVIER

N° Siren 792218893

N° CA 2019/5bcd-87be

Portable : +33(0)6 03 36 00 45
Email :





Of Diagon Alley Cattery
Ms. Laura Huppert
67150 Erstein
tel : 0787946775
SIRET 88251499500019
Acaced : n° 2021/077b-1cd5
mail : ofdiagonalley.devonrex@gm

For a long time I knew that one day I wanted to breed cats. One day I met Pluto, a young devon rex, at an exhibition. It was love at first sight. After months of discussing the breed with his breeder, I found THE breed I wanted to breed, a cat with an atypical look, with a great character.
Since then Pluto has joined me as a retired breeder, as well as Sigrid my young female who will be the future mother. 

Cattery Du domaine Kazh-Ti
Mrs Laborde Frédérique-Sophie
GUERN (56310)
Port : 0608163734
SIRET : 919 752 683 00012
ACACED & TAV holder
My new cattery was born from my passion for animals. They live with us in our big house and I like to say that we live in their house! We have cats, dogs, horses...I discovered the Devon Rex by chance while reading on social networks. I immediately fell in love with his character and physique. I welcomed my first female, Scarlett, in May 2021.
Then I decided to start breeding and I got my second female, Sally, in October 2021.
I then wanted to have my male, Ti-Amo, who joined us in July 2022.
My first litter was born at the end of September 2022 and since happiness never comes alone, we welcomed a third little female, Tara-King in December.

The story begins to be written and I hope it will be beautiful surrounded by my little hearts.

Etoile Magique cattery:

67110 Reichshoffen Alsace, France (50 km au Nord de Strasbourg)

Cell: +33 (0)6 61 37 64 84


N° Siret :  829 760 610 00016

The Etoile Magique cattery is a Devon Rex cattery. We conceive breeding as a passion. All our cats live together with us as a family. They are our love, our passion, our life! We pay special attention to the health and standard of living of our cats and kittens. Our goal is the popularisation of the Devon Rex breed. We often go to international shows, to keep up to date with the progress of the breed and to meet modern standards. Most of our breeding cats participate in these shows and often win great prizes. All our breeding stock is tested for infectious and genetic diseases. Our kittens only move to a new home after they have been neutered. Our cattery is registered with the LOOF and FIFé.

 de l'Hortensia Bleu Cattery :

Isabelle DILLIES

SIRET 84287353100011

CCAD 2018/f496-f669

Portable : +33(0)6 23 64 62 95 
Email :


It was during my exhibition trip for my Chartreux cats that I saw this funny Gremlin all frizzy. I fell in love with his physique and every day, I marvel at his character, so endearing, social, naughty, player, a real ball of love. Our cats live daily in our house in the middle of children and dogs.



My Adèl carr Cattery

Marjorie Delandhuy
08240 St Pierremont
T : +33(0)6 11 54 71 82
Mail :
N° Siret :

 Ardennes Devon Rex breeding :
Test CMS, LH, HCM by cardiac echocardiography


Of  les Perles de Safre Cattery

Nathalie Brun

Chamber of Agriculture of Oise Siret 84078639600019

40 km from Paris

CCAD capacity: 2016 / ee4d-6393

Affix to LOOF N ° 28106 -


Mobile: +33(0)6-67-82-69-10

I have been accompanying with passion since 2014 Ragdolls, a great soft calm long-haired. My meeting during an exhibition of a little Devon with unique looks was love at first sight. Passionate about cats, I am delighted by my 4 paws who live with us every day. The Devon is a little gourmand, a little pot full of playfulness with a notched and short hair, the feline complement of the Ragdoll and the life-changing companion!

du Petit Duc Cattery

Breeder of Devon Rex & Persan


06250 MOUGINS (Alpes Maritimes)

SIRET  42419342300011

Cert.Cap. 06/33/AC

Portable : +33(0)609528049

Email :

du Royaume d' Helia Cattery
Siret number: 52362619000020
phone: +33(0)6/31/27/70/16

It was during a cat show that I met my first Devon Rex and fell under his spell.
Romy de la Soie Lyonnaise came into my life in October 2020 and she is my ray of sunshine that lights up my life.
It is with her that I will start my breeding, while waiting for other Devons to join our family.
Romy shares our daily life, lives with a pinscher, a Prague ratier, and it is in this perspective of family life that I wish to raise my kittens.

We live in the Haut-Doubs, close to the Swiss border: don't hesitate to come and visit us to discover this magnificent breed.


Yuvaline's cattery

Mme Mélanie JEGADEN


Contact : +33(0)6 71 07 16 89  e-mail :

n° cetac : 2019/6E95-24f4 - n° Siret  : 883 145 039 00011 

My cattery was born from an encounter, from an outstretched hand, from an absolute and mutual trust. There followed a trip to the other end of France: Normandy towards the Provence Alpes Côte d Azur region, this time to meet Mme Curtil and 2 of her frizzled Du Caramy, Pavot and Opaline, her little "hot water bottles frizzy kisses " as she calls them so well!
The adventure could begin.
A little Etoile Magique would join us a few months later to complete the family. At least for now!
The Devon Rex is a wonderful cat, a unique face, an extraordinary character and so close to its owners.
Our "furry" obviously live with us, our 3 daughters and the house rabbit.
Kittens are in contact with all this little world from birth.
Do not hesitate to come and meet us to discover this wonderful being that is the Devon Rex.



Off Blue Lamantins Cattery

Céline Kramkimel
54510 Tomblaine (Meurthe et Moselle/France)


It is following my research to find a breed of cat cuddly and losing little hair that I fell on the Devon Rex.
After several years of reflection, Ufocat's Rhéia arrived in my life and she never leaves me, she even comes every day to work with me!
I find it so magical to see the evolution of these little wonders that I will probably repeat the experience from time to time.
The kittens are growing up with us and are used to the car, young children, dogs and all the noises in the house!

Rêve de Rex cattery:

Christelle CHRETIEN
F-17500 JONZAC


Cell: +33 (0)6 60 17 19 82




In search of a special cat in emotional qualities and particular physical traits, I fell in love with this divine breed that is the Devon Rex. Lulubelle des Divins Devon arrived first at home, then Mowgli des 3 Ginkgos joined us. They live in constant contact with us, their kittens evolve as soon as possible alongside our children, who also give them a lot of care and tenderness. The Dream of rex cattery is also happy to announce the arrival in January 2019 of a second female blue from Poland.



Du Comté de Sart cattery:


Cell: +32 (0)495 35 43 55



Du Kepout cattery:


Cell: +32(0) 486 29 80 70


Kepout Cattery is a family breeding Louvièrois (Belgium) approved by the animal welfare Walloon. We work in a perspective of evolution. We do not have a lot of litters a year. We advocate quality, not quantity. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us via our website.