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Offerings and partnerships for our members


Painter on every material: Monique Fuente 


Monique paints with great talent on several materials as porcelain, peace of fabric, canvas...

You can see her artwork on her blog. 

Monique offers 20% discount for the members.


Benoit Marion Art Photographer

Benoit Marion is an Art Lyonnais photographer in love with humans, animals and plants. You can see models, photo reports on his site as well as his contact details. For Aedrex members it offers a 20x30 photo print on luxury paper.

Link to the general site: Link to the gallery of animal portraits:

 (The trip is included in my offer to Lyon and 20km around (beyond there is a supplement)




Watercolorist: Josepha Develon


J. Develon - Model: Genial du Caramy
J. Develon - Model: Genial du Caramy

This artist makes her paintings from photos, a 15% discount for members of the AEDREX.
You can contact her by email:


Linda creations for cats and companies :


Linda is a young designer with fairy fingers; it offers Customized for cushions, carpets and other trinkets adapted to our loves 4-legged ... do not hesitate to contact for measurement, choice of colors, fabrics, shape ... It offers 10% to our members . Come see models on his FB page:

Studio Degonne

We offer a 10% discount to all members of the AEDREX

 (n° card members)



Cardboard box: NEKOLOR



A little french company from Gironde got the idea of a little house in cardboard in one peace for cats easy to built (laureate of the Innovations contest).

Discount is offer for all members of AEDREX.



A new range in France, innovative, esthetic and safe.
Since May 2013, MissClémy create and innovate in the field of smart toys for cats.
Dusters and MissClémy accessories are made 100% by hand in France with feathers of all kinds, beads, ribbons, tassels and bells and quality fabrics.
Created only in small series, you will have a guarantee of unreleased and new every week.
And a unique piece hands!


The MissClémy offer 20% to the first request members of the Aedrex. (contact with n° member card)

Genindexe laboratory


Genetics at our service :
* To benefit from the club or professional breeder price, please attach a copy of your membership card or a professional breeder's certificate on your first order of the year in force (the information will be recorded in your customer profile for the current year)


Veterinary genetical laboratory LANGFORD (UK)


This lab is useful for all your genetical tests.




The partnership with the AEDREX allows 20% discount for the analysis. Ask to our secretary the promotional code (