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The Devon Rex breed


Users of this website will agree with us : cats don't leave us indifferent. This is the reason why they have had lovers and detractors through centuries. Cats are like magicians, they offer calmness and happiness. Through their mysterious eyes, we get a different vision of our world and, at least, of ourselves.

The Devon Rex is the perfect application of this assessment : we are under the spell at first sight! Then he fills all our space and becomes essential.
Here is the history and the standard of this little goblin born to bring us all the joy offered by all cats of the world.


Its look:

The Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat with a curly fur and a unique expression. Its prominent cheekbones, large ovale eyes, short muzzle and huge low set ears make him look like a gremlin.
Its fur is soft and short with rippled waves. Kittens may have very short fur all over, sometimes without waves. The muzzle is short and well developed. In profile, the skull is flat with a curving forehead ended with a strongly marked nose stop. The neck is medium long and slender. The body is well developed and muscular with a medium length. The tail is long, well covered with short rippled fur.
Any colors and patterns are allowed.

Its company:

The Devon Rex is not a hyperactive cat. Vivacious and mischievous, he calls for attention to its human companions. Its thin little voice is absolutely not disturbing. Easygoing, he loves playing tricks with all two or four-legged family members. Finally, its short curly coat doesn't require much cleaning.