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Become a breeder

To be a breeder is first a passion but it is also a responsibility. The first litter often results from a lucky coincidence. You fall in love with the Devon Rex. The pixie-like cats put a spell on you. You are eager to go on. A second litter follows the first one. From this moment, you become an official breeder.

Conscientious breeders strive:

- To maintain those desirable qualities in their breed

- To collect all available information

- To follow the any progress about wealth, genetic, breed improvements.

This supposes that the new breeder has contacts with other breeders through Devon Rex specific associations or through chat groups. Don’t hesitate to discuss with veterinarians and to read scientific papers on the breed which can be easily found on the internet or in veterinarian schools.



To be a breeder is not a quiet adventure. The beginner cannot expect to live on one’s kitten sales. The most important things are to be passionate and to have a thorough knowledge of the breed. To be a breeder is a job that needs to master several skills:

Midwife when the whelping is imminent; veterinarian; traveller to attend feline exhibitions; man/woman of law to respect the rules regulating buyers; sellers and breeder; commercial sometimes; cleaning lady always!


Breeding is a mixture of passion and reason. It means sharing keenness for Devon Rex with other cat lovers while keeping in mind that problems are likely to occur in the cattery.

As a breeder, it is important to be aware of his responsibilities, towards his ones cats, the owners of the sold kittens as well as the breed.

The breeder will have to take on the legal, moral and technical aspects of the job.