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November 2022

March 2022

Here it is ! Our Special took place on Sunday 13 March: there were 2 absentees, 22 Devon Rex present. The judging went very well between the briefing and the debriefing. Mr Joël Henry our judge was satisfied with all the cats presented. An aperitif followed gathering all the participants, then the podium with the first 11 (normally 10 but the judge wished to show 11 Devon Rex) and the Best in Show finished by the Best of Best. You will have the complete results on our site when we have the official list. A snack closed this day, offered by Audrey and Julien, adorable couple of enthusiasts, Marine (art photographer) supported by her husband Sebastien has fixed for posterity, cats and humans gathered. The Aedrex thanks the people who participated, the judge and the Staff of the AFPL who was very reactive and helpful.
1 photo of the group of passionate people of our so beautiful breed with in 3rd position on the left the Judge and the student judge in 2nd position.

February 2022

Our DEVON REX BREEDING SPECIAL will take place on Sunday, March 13, 2022 in PARIS PORTE DE VERSAILLES under the auspices of the Organizing Club AFPL for an exhibition that will last 3 days (11, 12 & 13/03/2022) but you can choose the number of days you want. The judge in charge of this Special will be Mr Joël Henry. Registrations are now available on the AFPL website:

Registrations are open since January 30 : We need at least 16 Devon Rex to be able to validate this Specialty: so come in large numbers as participants and visitors! As every year we will do our best to make this event a success: gifts, aperitif etc... with our partner ROYAL CANIN.

January 2022

November 2021

Our DEVON REX BREEDING SPECIAL will take place on Sunday 13 March 2022 in PARIS PORTE DE VERSAILLES under the aegis of the Organising Club the AFPL for an exhibition which will last 3 days (11, 12 & 13/03/2022)

June 2021

The AFPL and Catimini Club are organizing an exhibition in Paris Porte de Versailles on June 25, 26 27: exceptionally 3 days. You can register for 1 or 2 or 3 days. Registration closes on June 14 at midnight. Here is the link to access this event:

December 2020

October 2020

the Millau Exhibition is canceled !

September 2020

August 2020

Our honorary member Mrs. Marie Abitbol (Professor in Genetics VetAgro Sup - Veterinary Campus of Lyon) shared with us her research and conclusions on the genetic determinism of hair texture and length in Devon Rex. Consult this text on the section "The Devon Rex and the sub-section "Text for texture & length hair "



March 2020

the exhibition in Liège (Belgium) was canceled due to the confinement required by the Covid-19 coronavirus

February 2020

In partnership with AFB-UCFB (Belgium), Aedrex is involved in a DEVON REX Race Special  Show, on Sunday April 5 in Liège (Palais des Congrés). You can go to the AFB website to register now. (link)

January 2020

Here are the results of our Devon Rex Breeding Special which took place on Sunday January 26, 2020 in Paris Porte de Versailles: click here for the report and many photos

November 2019

Our Devon Rex Breeding Special was finalized tonight with the choice of the judge, her agreement and that of Mr Leterrier (AFPL): Mrs Pascale Portelas who loves the Devon Rex and whom we had in 2017 in Champerret, which will allow him to see the evolution of our race, then the choice of our square specially prepared to welcome the participants: it will be the square C: arranged between the podium and the tables of judgment. You can already register for a few days and I remind members of the Aedrex to put "yes" and "Aedrex" at preferential rates on the bulletin so that the reduction is done automatically ... Obviously the AFPL will ask us confirmation memberships, for those who are late for their re-adhesion: quickly to your bulletin !

The Aedrex has appointed a new Treasurer, after application: Ms. Michèle Rea-Vigneau. We welcome her with a long collaboration and we hope that Miss Coline Borel, our treasurer since the beginning in 2012, will always flourish in her personal and professional life.


Our DEVON REX 2020 Special Breed will be on Sunday 26th January (WE 01/25/26/2020). Participants and visitors: come numerous !!

February 2019

We announce the arrival of our new Secretary of AEDREX, Ms. Corinne Littner, who took office on March 1, 2019 and wish a good continuation to Mrs. Valérie Coclin our Secretary until February 28, 2019.

(photo with Oliver, his beautiful redhead Devon Rex)

January 2019

The members of AEDREX's office: Catherine, Cécile, Coline, Isabelle and Valérie wish you an excellent year 2019 with lots of positives for your frizzy and other loves !!
We have just learned that registrations for our special Devon Rex that will take place on Sunday, January 13 have been closed 1 day before (normally January 2: seen on the site at the moment!). Our assigned square is No. C. We hope you were able to register in time !!

October 2018

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new member of the Aedrex board : Ms. Cécile Nardini, Assistant Treasurer, who is happy to join this position as a volunteer-passionate, like all other members of the our dear Association. Welcome to our new teammate!

The inscriptions for the Paris Porte de Versailles Show and our WE Special  Devon Rex 12/13/01/2019 are open on the AFPL website, here is the link:

July 2018 :

We are pleased to announce that AEDREX has signed an agreement for our future SPECONALE DEVON REX 2019 with the AFPL on the PARIS PORTE DE VERSAILLES exhibition. It will take place on SUNDAY 13 JANUARY 2019 (WE of 12/13/01/19). We hope the new year will bring as many if not more participants than for our 2018 Special! the Paris are open, it is the case to say it !!!

June 2018 :

Information: It is no longer possible to order blood kits at Alvédia: legislation has given this monopoly to veterinarians and veterinary centers. We have therefore removed our partnership with this Laboratory.
We also remember that we are no longer members of the FIFe (FFF) since February, because of the ultimatum that this federation had imposed on us: the choice between them and the Loof. This unpleasant situation lasted since last year and we tried to plead our cause, on several occasions, associated with other Clubs concerned, but to no avail. We regret this situation which we hope will not be sustainable in the long run.

Results Breeding Special 2018 :

Our Breeding Special 2018 was held in Paris (Porte de Versailles) on January 13th: 35 Devon Rex registered, a record! the Aedrex organized with the judges Aline Noël-Garel and Stéphane Monnier this event with the reception of the participants, an aperitif and a snack and beautiful gifts. You can see all the results of the Top 10 and BIS then the photos by clicking on "Shows" then sub-heading "Breeding Special 2018":

Breeding Special January 13th 2018 in Paris (Porte de Versailles)

We are pleased to announce that our SPECIALE D'ELEVAGE 2018 will take place in PARIS (Porte de Versailles) on Saturday 13 January 2018 (WE from 13 & 14/01/2018) exhibition grounds, as in 2016. We are very grateful to AFPL (Association Féline de Pays de Loire) which allows us once again to present our breed to the visitors who will be in great hurry as every year at this big expo Quality! Judge Aline Noël-Garel agreed again to try the Devon Rex participants and we are delighted! 

AGO & new secretary 06/16/2017

Our AGO was held by Skype on Friday 16th June (5 people and 6 proxies). The members will have the report by group mail soon. On this occasion we were to elect the new Secretary; We would like to thank Ms. Corinne Pinecki the outgoing Secretary for her work at Aedrex and we wish her the very best in the future. Unanimously elected Valérie Coclin (member Sympathisante) who has seduced us by his passion for Devon Rex, his total investment to promote our breed in his frequent exhibitions (2 Devon Rex neutrals), his envy and his energy for s Invest in the life of our Club. Welcome to Valérie, our new Bureau member.

Our Aedrex Général Meeting  for 2017 :

Our Ordinary General Meeting for 2017 will be on Friday 16 June 2017 from 7 pm by skype mainly.
All our members are informed by group letter and can participate or give their procuration by mail to the President.

Breeding Special April 2nd 2017 in Paris

Our 2017 Livestock Special was a huge success on this sunny Sunday in Paris: many visitors very interested in the podium and the ring that Mrs Pascale Portelas animated with great efficiency: first of all a briefing in the morning to Present: she was breeder of Devon Rex for 15 years and judge Tica and Loof, then she explained the standard of the breed, the flow of judgments and an end debriefing to give her conclusions.
We were 14 participants and 23 Devon Rex: 2 breeders could not come (31 Devon Rex were announced): Females Adults: 10 - 6/10 months 2 - 3/6 months 3 / Males Adults 4 - Neutral 2 - 10 months 1 - 3) 6 months 1. Come to see all results on our page Shows and 2017 Breeding Special


Here we are! The breeding Special 2017 is planned on sunday 2 April 2017 at Paris - Champerret (France) with the support of AFPL, the organizer club of all our Specials since 2015. We hope we will meet all the best Devon Rex cats and we will have fun with breeders and curious people who wants to discover the breed! More info on shows page..



The Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday, May 28 afternoon. Interested participants may send a proxy (name, person to whom you want to give power of attorney: one of the four members of the Bureau). Thanks very much and see you soon.


The time is closed to run for secretary position. Since the Aedrex birth, Christophe Peccoux has held brilliantly his position. We thank him so much, he is still with us.

Mrs Corinne Pinecki (cattery : de la douceur de vivre) was elected unanimously. We are safe with her motivating force and reason behind.

Welcome to Corinne, Devon Rex and chihuahua breeder. Hope she joined us to be our new Aedrex secretary for many years !


This Saturday June 27, we held our GM at the head office, the 3 members of board and a member breeder, Isabelle Renaud were present. Very interesting meeting with the intervention by Skype of Dr. Marie Abitbol, a veterinary genetician at the Veterinary School of Alfort. She spoke at length about the new genetic screening test for spasticity among other subjects (see below). 

We are pleased to announce the arrival at AEDREX of Isabelle Renaud (du Temple de Rangoon cattery) as our Assistant Secretary and Dominique Guyader (Diblev cattery) as delegate for feline shows: they will more dynamize our Association. Let's see there.


The mutated gene causing CMS: Myopathy in the Devon Rex (and Sphynx) has been found both by a french and an american research team in June 2015! Now, a genetic test is available to screen this disease. Breeders have the tools to eradicate this affection, a great new for the Devon Rex and Sphynx! The complete article of the study is here.


Saint Raphaël show with a Special "nudes and rexes" : partners Aedrex & Sphynx Club. Results here.



We are very proud to welcome the international judge Aline NOËL-GAREL as our honorary member of the AEDREX! Many thanks to her support.


St Raphaël show in 2014
St Raphaël show in 2014

We organize SPECIAL "Rex &  nude" at the St-Rapahaël show (France) the  14 & 15th March in collaboration with the Sphynx Club :

We invite you to join us  with judgments LOOF &  TICA (10 rings TICA on 2 days ).

The AEDREX wishes you a happy new year 2015 !!


1/4 page of Matouchat
1/4 page of Matouchat

TheN° 2 of magazine MATOUCHAT is become on kiosque with article for our Club : AEDREX, we are very proud : occasion to speak again of Devon Rex passion and them who search to know by our Association (see too the n°1 of same magazine)




Members are reminded of the Aedrex (Breeders and sympathizers) that the membership renewal opened on September 1st, and will cover the year 2014/2015 until 31 August 2015.
Thank you to you to continue to trust us to promote our heart race; the life of our Association depends on you and our collective motivation to know and recognize the Devon Rex to the public. We also hope that new members will join our group of enthusiasts.
Our commitment extends "Devonesque" is and will always. Together we are stronger!

Members of the board



logo Aedrex
logo Aedrex

The Aedrex comes back: still its photo contest, its newsletter sent to members, with this month the exclusive interview of Aline Noel-Garel, a French International Judge, and many other projects in the following months. You are curious about everything we do, advantages and dialogue with us? Join us in the adventure, passionate about Devon Rex through "your" Breed Club.


cover of magazine
cover of magazine

L'AEDREX inform you that the new magazine "MATOU CHAT" released his first number from the July 11 in kiosques and we are proud to announce an article on DEVON REX, with many photos by photographer Christophe Hermeline and interviews with breeders and Aedrex.

Attention :
"shell" was made in the article: a photo Sphynx (scratching his ear) is mixed with pictures of Devon Rex : not cool !!!



July 2014


Our Newsletter of July has been sent to our members: always rewarding and interesting informations and with the "icing on the cake": breeder's interview. We'll be back on September with a newsletter always more attractive and with a great surprise: but ...Shuuuush!! You will see in September!! Have a good summer!! 


Dear members and visitors, we wish you a beautiful and sunny June 2014 .

At the beginning of the month, our members have received our newsletter always attractive, with informations to remember; we hope to meet your expectations and look forward to your suggestions on all topics you would like us to get onto.

Our photo contest has been very successful yet: many facebook visitors have "Liked" your funny or tender pictures: the main point is to show our Devons in their day-to-day life home. We hope to  get more and more of members motivated!

We will attend the General Meeting of the LOOF on the 14th of June. We are your spokesperson as Club of Breed: you can email us or call us to review the topics you want us to talk about. We welcome your feedback: we need each other.

We are also preparing the 2015 Calendar (information on the NL) and the Special Rex for 29/30 November in Valence (France). It would be great to see you there! Thank you to let us know whether you will attend this show. All Devon lovers are welcome to visit or to participate to this show!




Voici un cadeau pour vous visiteurs et adhérents de l'AEDREX :

Une relation fusionnelle entre une maman Devon Rex et sa fille (Graine d'Amour du Caramy et sa chatonne) qui prouve que nous ne sommes pas si éloignés que cela des 4 pattes :



We had a nice day for the 3rd General Meeting of our young association!

The 3 members of the board were there: we are very proud of the various events proposed last year by the AEDREX. We hope the future will be more affluent with new actions and the help of our members.

AEDREX General Meeting 10th may 2014
Report of the General Meeting of the AED
Document Microsoft Word 45.5 KB


The french magazine "Special Chats" is now on newsstands with a story about the Devon Rex (6 pages): an interview of Ms. Catherine Curtil (Chatterie du caramy); we are happy to promote this passion for our breed and our Association through the media; you can find many interesting and articles items: good reading!


Several exhibitions are planned for early 2014: Menton (06, France), Paris area in Pavilion Baltard, Nogent sur Marne (94, France) both on 18 & 19 January, and a Devon Rex special show in Tours (37, France) on 1st & 2nd February. More info on Shows page

Don't forget the monthly picture contest!


The AEDREX wishes you a happy new year!!


It’s September: back to work, and time for our traditional call for contributions. Our loyal members have till the end of the month to renew their support to the AEDREX. Many thanks in advance!

Don't forget to go to see our show page !


Let's welcome our new vice-president, Anita Evrard, who is starting in her new post on September 1. 

Since 06/2013

Etablishment of the monthly photo contest for all our members, on the Facebook page "Aedrex".



Our web site gets a facelift: new design, new topics, more photos in order to make it liven up as possible! Don't hesitate to share with us your comments by filling the contact form.



Our ordinary general meeting was hold on Saturday 4th May 2013 to make the assessment on our first year being an association and discuss about future. Thanks to those present on-site and by audio-conference. Our young association progress serenely and in good mood, everythings ok!


The AEDREX was present in Paris Champerret cat show with 8 Devon Rex, whose 4 were nominated at Best and 3 to Best in Show :

- Nominated Best in show category male 6-10 month: Heliot Ness du Caramy

- Best in Show kitten 6-10 month : Heloise du Caramy

- Best in Show Female entire: Orphéade Hévéa

- Best in Show Female neutered: Orphéade Hozanna.


One Devon Rex born in one AEDREX's breeder was also awarded :- Best in Show male neutered: Goblin de la Rivière des Marsouins.


Devon rex had shined today in Paris and meet a real success with the public! Thanks to all Participants and visitors for this wonderful moment of conviviality and sharing.